Thursday, August 22, 2019

Target Break (and a contest!)

I finally made it to my local Target earlier this week, for the first time in about three months. Motivated by reading blog posts about new products like Topps Archives and Heritage High Numbers, I headed straight for the sports card section and found...

..not a lot. Neither new product was in stock (wth, Target?) but there was a good variety of intriguing options. Prizm baseball? Unlicensed. Pass. Diamond Kings? Unlicensed..but I could use them for my All-Time Teams. Opening Day? I'd actually prefer flagship since the surplus box I bought on eBay had most of series 1.

As is my habit when shopping, I put together a "maybe" pile, walked around with it, and considered my options. I knew I wanted some Score Football, so I picked out two fat packs.

The Diamond Kings 'fat pack' of 20 cards was priced at $10. Hard pass. I grabbed a basketball repack - which ended up being a wise choice. Still, I was unsatisfied.

I met up with my girls in the toy aisle. Not sure why the Mrs. took them there when we were only supposed to get milk, but it was a good news/bad news situation.

The good news was .. my daughters directed me to the stash of Topps series 2 on the end cap of the toy aisle. The bad news? One of them bought a toy with her own money and the other one was not happy she couldn't get a toy, too. This is why I never get to Target anymore.

Anyway, here are the Score packs. You can't beat the value of 80 cards for $10, especially when they look like this:

The abundance of "tribute to older design because we can't think of a new design" sets has annoyed me for a while now. Not here though. This 1989 Score reboot is fantastic! The AFC cards have a red border and the NFC cards have a blue border. Nice touch.

Each pack yielded 19 base cards, 2 red parallels, 13 inserts, and 6 rookies. That's..a lot of non-base cards! Good thing I'm not building the set (I am tempted to build this set though.)

Pack in my pack! Cobb is a Cowboy now. The one problem with an early release is the rosters aren't updated. Heck, the rookie cards don't even mention which team drafted the player:

Kyler Murray! Score! The Nick Bosa is an insert, I think that's the 1998 Score design IIRC.

Here's the rest of the rookies.

The shiny inserts from pack one, including a Patrick Mahomes parallel. These are so much nicer than the 2017 Score cards. I have way too many of those, thanks to repack boxes.

Pack 2 inserts. Too many to fit in one scan. I had to omit an Antonio Brown Throwbacks and a Drew Brees fantasy stars. i thought Mahomes was a dupe at first. 

I'll recap the rest of my Target run in another post. I've also got a Stranger Things break to blog about, and my All-Time Teams celebration starts in September. 

In October, Collecting Cutch is bringing back his Save Second Base event. This year has a little more significance to yours truly, as has been mentioned here before. Brian is really grabbing

our attention with contests and giveaways. Visit Collecting Cutch for a chance to win a Troy Tulowitzki Prizm BCA Autograph or a stack of Topps Chrome pink parallels.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Are the Stranger Things S2 blasters already landing on Target shelves?

    1. Not yet; they still had a single blaster of ST1. We got ours from Blowout though.

  2. The law of bringing kids to stores: If there are toys, they'll make their way there somehow. If your Target is set up like mine, you can't get to the cards without going near the toy section.

    1. Exactly! That's why I wanted them to stay in the car with their mom while I ran in - the card section is right on the other side of the checkout lines. But we needed milk, so..

  3. Anthony Rendon.

    By the way, it's a awesome thing that you're now on makes for suggesting Saving Second Base nominees a little easier.

    1. I think you meant to leave this comment on CC's blog. (Brian, if you're reading this-make a note of John's entry. kthx.)

  4. Totally hear you on the toys and kids issue. We have an 8 and 6 year old. Luckily the 6 year old is okay when her older brother gets something, but it doesn't work well when younger gets as older brother loses it.

  5. Thanks for pimping the contest. I wish I was more into collecting other sports. Those Score fat packs are an awesome value.