Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A Completely Arbitrary Repack

This past Saturday I received a surprise package from Brian, author of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.  Apparently I'd won a contest at the end of 2019 by correctly guessing Brian would choose 1974 Topps as his next setbuild. My prize for winning this completely arbitrary contest was a repack box with a 1974 Topps Cecil Cooper showing: 

If I ever went anywhere interesting this would make a great wallet card.

This custom-made repack was loaded with Red Sox - and there was more than one hit included:

The Bernie Carbo autograph (in the '74 Topps design) is my favorite here.

More shiny. The Aurora insert is really nice. I'm interested to see where JBJ will sign - and when.

Lots of guys who aren't Red Sox anymore. I think Benintendi will break out in Kansas City.

Some Packers oddballls and a Ted Williams stamp. It's not every day that I add a new Packer to my collection but this is definitely my first card of Emmitt's brother Emory Smith (he's not even listed on Pro Football Reference) The Ken Ellis is a Wonder Bread issue, and the David Whitehurst comes with a COA. As promised, the repack came with a sealed pack - BBM Diamond Heroes. I haven't opened it yet. 

Brian, thanks again for the surprise repack!


About ten days ago I placed an order on the Beckett Marketplace. I was on the hunt for some missing All-Time Teams players and found a seller who offered free shipping with just a $12 purchase. I filled my cart with 17 cards totaling $22.60 - a third of that ($7.50) was for a 1969 Topps Reggie Smith single listed as "Near Mint-Mint" - and placed my order. Usually I get an email within a day or two if any cards were out of stock - which was apparently an issue with other collectors who bought from Mac's Collectibles. 

I didn't get an email that anything was out of stock, and I didn't get an email that my order had shipped. A week after placing the order I emailed Mac's and asked them for an update. I got no response. Today the entire $22.60 was refunded without an explanation. Just an FYI for those of you who shop on the Marketplace - unless you're buying from Burbank or 7th Inning Stretch, proceed with caution. 

Guess I'll have to fill those All-Time Teams needs through TCDB trades...

Thanks for reading!



  1. Nice "repack"! Good to know about Beckett Marketplace sellers too, thanks for the heads up.

  2. Really good cards. The Big Papi and Chris Sale cards are ones I really like.

  3. I was gonna say, ain't no Fairfield repack I know of with a '74 Cecil Cooper showing on the front!

  4. That Bernie Carbo is excellent! Don't think I've ever even seen an autograph card of his before.

  5. Nice A&G Nomar, Carbo Fan Favorites Autograph, and 2019 Topps Fenway card. If only all repacks were this sweet. Congratulations on the contest win.

    Speaking of Fairfield... I haven't bought one of their repacks in a long time. But my last Beckett Marketplace purchase was for some very cheap Barry Bonds autographs. I was kinda worried they would catch their mistake and refund my money, but they actually most of them.

  6. Brian does a really good job with his repacks.

    The Beckett marketplace is very hit and miss. And Burbank may be reliable as far as sending out the cards goes, but from what I've seen on message boards, there stuff isn't always what it's cracked up to be condition-wise.

  7. I wish all Fairfield repacks had that much Red Sox goodness! Congrats!