Thursday, February 25, 2021


Panini Prizm singles are one of my go-to searches on BaseballCardStore. I used to hoard as many as I could find in card show dime boxes but the last time I attended the Milford show they had been mostly picked clean. The online dime box still has plenty of Prizm, though the big names get scooped up fast. 


This Devan Dubnyk from 2013-14 is one of about a dozen Prizm cards I picked up in my latest order. 

I actually had a dream the other night that Dubnyk was drafted by the Seattle Kraken. Well, I have to assume it was Seattle - there were no logos or anything. It was just a tall man in a suit jacket and tan pants (he looked too young to be Ron Francis) standing behind a card table in a banquet room. There was a large notebook on the table, about the size of a guestbook. The nameless GM paced a bit behind the table saying "Now all we need is a goalie." (*btw, expansion teams always pick goalies first - not last.) 

He scribbled in the book as he said "Dubnyk" and I groaned from the other side of the table "Oh, come on!" like I was upset we 'lost' Devan - though I can't be sure if I was a fellow GM or a fan. 

As Shoebox Shane mentioned on his blog, this was the only proper Prizm set issued for the NHL. O-Pee-Chee Platinum has filled the void, and I pick up singles of those whenever I can, too: 

The Baseball Card Store is based in Canada - and flippers often lay off of hockey cards - so their inventory is especially abundant. I only picked up a half-dozen this time because I've bought so many hockey singles in the past that my boxes are overflowing. No parallels here, though I can get those on COMC fairly cheaply - if I ever order from them again. 

I'm currently working on two Prizm set builds - 2014-15 basketball and 2015 football. I'm six cards away from finishing the NBA set - but three of those are high-end RCs including Joel Embiid. Not sure if I should keep trying to finish that set, the Embiid might out of my budget. 

The 2015 Prizm football set doesn't have any high-end RCs to worry about, but I've got less than a third of the set and BBCS doesn't have any (more) singles I need. That didn't stop me from picking up some Prizm football: 

No big names but some above-average players - and a Packer is always a nice find. Delanie Walker shares my birthday.

If you can't see the names they are: Jameis Winston, Gerald McCoy, Duke Johnson, Andy Dalton, Danny Woodhead, and Martellus Bennett.

I'll pick up Donruss Optic cards for a dime, too. (The last two 2017 Prizms are Jadeveon Clowney and Tom Savage.) Sometimes I'll pick up Optic baseball even though they're unlicensed but I don't usually seek out any Prizm baseball singles. 

That said, I have been hoarding 2018 Topps Chrome cards ever since I bought a megabox at Wal-Mart.

These seven singles bring my total to 65 out of the 200-card set. No big names here either but rookies are always good; they're tougher to trade for. I filled out this scan with a Kevin Russo X-fractor from one of the mystery repacks I purchased from BaseballCardStore. 


Are you working on any Chrome or Prizm set builds?

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  1. Back when they were still affordable, I had quite a few Prizm (basketball) parallel sets in various stages of progress, but once everybody decided that Prizm was THE brand to invest in, I had to stop working on them. You got most of my better 2014-15 base cards, and I'm just now starting to sell off the multiple years worth of parallels that don't fit into any of my player collections.

  2. I want to do a binder page or two of 2015 Panini Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks. I have 4 I like, so I need either 5 or 14, but it's pretty far down on my list of priorities. Haven't even gone through the checklist to see which ones I want. Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, and Troy Polamalu are in it though.

  3. Great cards, you know I love those Prizm hockey! If you don't want to wait for COMC to ship, which I totally understand, I've found Sportlots to be a pretty effective place to go for parallels from that hockey set.

    Just last night I won a HUGE card for my collection from that release, actually! Hope to post it soon!

  4. I don't actively seek Prizm or Optic out, but whenever I see them for cheap, I don't say no. I still have a hard time with the laser focus on certain brands as the 'best'.

  5. I built the 2019 Topps Chrome set... but not currently working on any right now.

  6. I don't get the appeal of Prizm at all. I really don't. They're ugly to me.

    I used to adore Chrome. It's kind of lost its appeal for me (mostly because Topps went without borders). But I do like it -- not enough to complete any sets though.

  7. I am not, but I think Prizm is cool and makes Topps look like they continue to not try. That goes for other Panini brands as well, like Mosaic.

  8. I like Prizm a little better than Chrome. When I went to that site I did search out what shiny cards I could find. Should probably check them out again.