Monday, February 22, 2021

They're gonna eat the mystery pack! Even dad won't eat the mystery pack. These guys are cool!

My order from the Baseball Card Store arrived today - a day early I might add. Last time I ordered from there Stephen & co. included an extra mystery pack. This time I got a Martin Brodeur bonus:

This is what everyone's yard looks like right now. (Well, maybe not Fuji's) Oh, and this card is numbered to 999.

I did not pick out any basketball singles but I grabbed one mystery pack just for fun. Here's what a dollar gets you on

I have to assume that even the most overproduced MJ card would sell for a dollar by itself. Anything else in this pack would be a bonus.

Three Kings including a cool team card, a Nuggets logo card (love it), a parallel, and a Hall of Famer. I actually thought the Bill Walton was unlicensed at first because I didn't see any team name above his number. Then I saw the Laker and scratched my head for a second before noticing the 'blazers' wordmark along the side of Walton's jersey. Vertical lettering never made any sense to me.

One third of a card fell out of the repack, and it's a pretty good one. Walter Davis was once attached to this card with East All-Star(??) George Gervin, but it's almost as cool without the Iceman. The prize for me is the Isiah Thomas All-Star sticker, which is a nice upgrade from the one I got in a TCDB trade.

I'm probably going to get a half-dozen posts out of this order, but first I have to catch up on some other arrivals. If you haven't bought from BaseballCardStore I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. Did any of you follow Allie Brosh's blog Hyperbole and a Half? Or Brandon and Bryan at A Beer for The Shower? Those were among the first blogs I ever followed. Wonder what happened to them..




  1. Nice to get a card of the third-best goalie of all-time. :)

    If that's playing days Walton, it wins the round easily. If it's post-retirement, the Jordan wins.

  2. I've got to load up at The Baseball Card Store again soon! Ebay has been occupying all my time of late!

    We have so much snow in the yard (and on the roof). It's just relentless.

  3. I've gotta admit... the next time I make a purchase from their online store, I'll definitely toss a few more of their mystery packs into the cart. The entertainment factor alone is worth the price... but they actually toss in some cool cards too.

    P.S. Hope things are warming up for everyone. I was watching a YouTuber who lives in Texas show his house which was flooded after the pipes burst. Very, very sad.

  4. I still havent ordered from them and never heard of those blogs

  5. Fun cards. I was always a fan of Lionel Simmons. Hard working guy for the Kings. Walter Davis was another guy I liked. He could shoot and score.

  6. I'd really like to try some of their mystery packs, but am afraid that I'll end up with the duds.