Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Big Box O' BasketBo

I'm finally finished sorting the box(es) of cards Bo sent me in the NBA Week "PWE swap"

I'll discuss the set chunks in another post, and I wrote about the baseball cards at The 1993.

There's one big stack of random stuff among all these starter sets. Here are some of my favorites:

Bucks and Grizzlies:

I noticed a fair amount of Greg Anthony in the box. I never liked him, but the Vancouver uniform makes these cards much cooler.

Speaking of cool '90s cards, how about this Mark Price:

The Tsakalidis RC is numbered to 499. I like the Super Teams Celtics and Finest singles, too. And I'm always happy to receive Ray Allen Sonics cards.

Some notable rookie cards here. Not the 'right' Laker SP but I'll take it!


Some of these might end up going to blogger buddies one day. But I'll be happy to hold on to the rest.

Bo, thanks again for all the great cards!



  1. Glad I could give these a good home!

  2. Some great basketball card sets from my childhood! Nice to see some of those designs again.

  3. That's a nice row at the end: vintage Goodrich, dunking Kemp, and Larry Johnson with a flopping defender.

  4. I was never a huge fan of Greg Anthony's either, even when he was playing in Portland.

  5. That 72-73 Topps Gail Goodrich is cool. Look at him dishing the behind the back pass.