Monday, March 19, 2018

Who Am I Missing?

Quick post today..this is a complete list of the sports card blogs I follow:

$30 A Week Habit

2 x 3 Heroes

A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog

A Pack To Be Named Later

A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts

Adventures In 1952 Topps

All Cardinals All The Time

All Trade Bait, All The Time...

ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession

Baseball Card Breakdown

Bob Walk the Plank

Can't Have Too Many Cards

Card Boarded

Cardboard Clubhouse

Cardboard Greats

Cardboard History

Cards My Mom Didn’t Throw Out

Collecting Cutch

Collector's Crack

Dawg Day Cards

Diamond Jesters

Dime Boxes

Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary

I Feel Like A Collector Again

Infield Fly Rule

It's like Having My Own Card Shop

My Cardboard Habit

My Hockey Card Obsession

Nachos Grande

Night Owl Cards

Not Another Baseball Card Blog

Nothing If Not Random

Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

Old Red Sox Cards

Once a Cub

Pack War

Plain Gray Swatch

Puck Junk

Red Cardboard

Royal Card Review

Scribbled Ink

Shoebox Legends

Sportscards From The Dollar Store

Starting Nine

Summer of '74

The Angels, In Order

The Card Papoy

The Chronicles of Fuji

The Collective Mind

The Five Tool Collector

The Hopeful Chase

The Lost Collector

The Raz Card Blog

The Shlabotnik Report

The Topps Archives

Too Many Verlanders

Waiting 'til Next Year

Wax Stain Rookie

Wrigley Roster Jenga

Is your blog on this list? If not, let me know and I'll add you.

Is there a sports card blog I should be following? If so, recommend one (or more) to me in comments.

What's that rule about having at least one card in every blog post? Well, it just so happens I got two envelopes in the mail on Saturday: the aforementioned Tim Anderson auto from Mike (Not Another Baseball Card Blog) 

..and an oddball set of Brett Favre cards form Angus (Dawg Day Cards) 

I had forgotten all about this trade.. but Angus didn't. Thanks for sending these my way! I'll have your card shipped by the time you read this.

I've organized my card collection and sorted through my blogroll, but I have to do a better job of checking my pending trades. I've been putting a star next to any e-mail with a pending/incomplete trade. Right now I have three:
Tim (no return), Jeff (giveaway; need his address to send a return) and The Angels In Order (no trade yet, I just have to remind myself to pull out things that will fit his collection)

Mike, Angus..thanks for the trades! To all of you who follow this blog, thank you for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it, and I hope to me more diligent about commenting (and trading) from here on out. 

p.s. I didn't get the job.



  1. Sorry you didn't get the job. Keep interviewing!
    Here is a nice resource for blogs.

    I keep my blogroll updated with new ones I find. Night Owl has a very detailed one as well.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cards!

    I really need to update my blogroll.

  3. I don't post on there AS often, but my first blog created is "Bean's Ballcard Blog." Like Matt, I keep mine updated as I find them, just because I'm afraid I will forget if I don't do it immediately.

  4. There's probably a bunch that I'm forgetting, but off the top of my head, I see a few that are missing:

    Brad's "Brad's Blog"
    Trevor's "Bump and Run Football card blog" (he's a Packers fan as well)
    Scott's "I Need New Hobbies"
    Matt's "Sport Card Collectors"

    1. I missed the P.S. earlier, you may have not gotten that one, but as long as you keep up the search, you're bound to land one eventually.

  5. I have over 200 on my blogroll... feel free to raid them.

  6. Sorry to hear about the job. I hope another one pops up that suits your interests soon. As for the blog question, one of my favorites is Wax Heaven:

  7. You're welcome for the trade! I'm glad it's somewhere it'll be enjoyed.

  8. there's this guy: (Krukberry) I'm sorry about the job Chris. Hang in there!!

  9. Thanks for the links (and encouragement) everyone. I will start scrolling through these soon.

  10. I do one if you want to give it a follow

    1. Finally..someone willing to pimp their own blog! :)