Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sports Card Tour 2018 - Oakland

The Collector's Sports Card Tour bus has made the cross-country trip from New York to California. Today we're in Oakland.

Oakland is home to three pro sports teams - for now. The Athletics and Raiders will share the Coliseum for one more season, while the Warriors are once again hosting NBA Finals home games next door at Oracle Arena. 

The Raiders will move to Las Vegas in 2019, while the Warriors will return to San Francisco - where the franchise played home games in the 1960's.

Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Tim Brown were teammates on the 2002 AFC Champion Raiders. It was the only time Rice was on the losing side of a Super Bowl.

On my walk home one day I found this bobble head sitting on a broken table someone had left on their curb. I stashed it in my hoodie pouch and power-walked home in a drizzling rain.

This Tim Brown relic was the first of three Immaculate Numbers cards I've bought on COMC; my newest is a Roddy White patch that cost $1.95 during the Spring Cleaning sale.

Charles Woodson won a Heisman Trophy at Michigan and a Super Bowl with the Packers.

Three players taken in the 2000 NFL Draft are still active: Tom Brady and these two Raiders draftees. (Who says you shouldn't pick a kicker?)

Silver and Black - in Chrome. The Jerry Porter RC is numbered to 1650. 

Hall of Famer Chris Mullin was a member of the U.S. Olympic "Dream Team" in 1992...

..and he was also one of the stars of "Run TMC". Mitch Richmond is a Hall of Famer but Tim Hardaway is not. (is it possible homophobia is holding him back?)

One of these players is not enshrined in Springfield. Can you guess which one? Hint: it's the guy who called a time out he didn't have. Is that what's keeping C-Webb out of the Hall, or am I missing something? (Very possible; I thought Hardaway would have been in by now, too.)

I have more Latrell Sprewell cards than any current Warrior except Steph Curry-which is one reason why I need to revamp my basketball card collection. Adonal Foyle played college ball at Colgate; I knew a girl who graduated from Colgate and her boyfriend joked that she had a degree from a "toothpaste school."

The Dubs and Raiders might be leaving Oaktown but the Athletics aren't. 

After decades of irrelevance in Philadelphia and Kansas City, A's owner Charlie Finley built a dynasty in Oakland - then tore it down at the dawn of free agency. 1970s cards are the gaping hole in my baseball collection (too old to find in top condition, not old enough to accept in any  condition) I don't have any Catfish Hunter or Sal Bando, and only one Reggie Jackson:

The original was a gift from Wes; I put it next to the 60 Years of Topps insert for comparison.

Relief legends Rollie Fingers (sans 'stache) and Dennis Eckersley won the AL Cy Young and AL MVP awards. Mariano Rivera never won either award - for what that's worth. It may be hard to believe (especially if you're under 35 years old) but there was a time when the Athletics had a powerhouse ballclub and the Yankees were baseball purgatory.

Mark McGwire will be mentioned in my upcoming statistical comparison post about First Basemen. The 1989 Topps set is the junkiest of all junk wax, but here's something I didn't notice until now: McGwire's card is number 70 in the set.

Jose Canseco was the more flamboyant "Bash Brother." Around the time of his 40-40 season I got his autograph at a card show. When I handed him my 1987 Donruss card to sign (long gone from my collection) he raised his eyebrows a couple times as a greeting.

The Moneyball-era Athletics were my best friend's favorite team; when he moved to Alameda a few years ago I asked him if it was for the A's (he said it wasn't.) I remember going to the card shop in our mall and watching him tear through packs of SPx and SP Authentic to try and pull Barry Zito's RC. I think he got Ben Sheets instead.

I have quite a few Oakland A's from 2002 Upper Deck - these two cards give me an excuse to show this scene from Moneyball.

Some random Athletics cards, including a pair of repack gems and a buyback I pulled from a repack pack. 

Petey Paramore never made it to the show; I only saved this card because I was a huge fan of the band that shares his name.

I know I'm in the minority here, but they went to shit when the Farro brothers left. Anyway...

This Matt Champan green refractor (#d/150) might be my best Athletics card. Hooray for color-matching prospect refractors of decent major leaguers!

When the Warriors and Raiders leave town, Oakland will have the dubious distinction of losing franchises in three different sports. That's because Charlie Finley's failed experiment known as the California Golden Seals moved to Cleveland..and then disbanded.

These are part of my 2004-05 In the Game Franchises set (the team was known as the Oakland Seals before Finley rebranded them.)

And this one is for my dormant "cards I'd like to own" list:

These "Second Six" inserts are very cool. Does anyone know if they're case hits or not? I've stopped buying Upper Deck hockey boxes and they appear to be fairly rare. I'd only be interested in the Seals and North Stars anyhow. Who needs another Gretzky or Crosby?

Favorite Athletics player: Khris Davis

Favorite Raiders player: Jordy Nelson

Favorite Warriors player: Stephen Curry and Draymond Green

Next tour stop: We're finishing up the O's all weekend, starting with Oklahoma City

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  1. I want that Simmer card because he's from my hometown.. I went to school with his nephew.. lol

    Simmer was close to retiring from hockey and returning to Terrace Bay to work in the Pulp Mill when he got the call from the Kings.. The rest is history.

    It's funny.. Charlie Finley actually suggested that ALL players become Free Agents every year... The Players didn't want that because they knew it would drive prices down.. The Owners thought it was another hair-brained scheme by Finley and discounted it off-hand..

    Saw the end of Moneyball today, actually..

    1. I knew that Simmer card would get your attention.

    2. It's been on my watch list since I saw it in TCDB.
      Think I last saw it on COMC for some redonkulous price.

  2. I just got some great Golden Seals cards from SumoMenkoMan in a week or so ago. I'm so busy right now I have not had a chance to scan them yet, but they are spectacular, as all defunct franchise cards are. (Some Scouts, too!).

    1. Zoned on the Warriors. Four of my five favorite active NBA players are on the team currently...so you know I'm enjoying their year-to-year dominance. It's actually getting a little repetitive now, but considering how poorly my teams usually do, I'll take it! The other Top 5 favorite player not on the Warriors is Brook Lopez.

  3. I don't know why Chris Webber hasn't been elected to the Hall of Fame yet, but I do know that he really sucks as an analyst on television! I'd tell him not to quit his day job, but I don't think that he has one to quit.

  4. Those "Bash Brothers" era Athletics absolutely owned the Red Sox. Swept them in the LCS twice in three years...

  5. As someone who started watching baseball in the late 1980s, the Yankees' 1990s playoff run didn't feel "real" until they played a series in Oakland.

  6. I am not a big fan of the Raiders or the Warriors. Both have been thorns in the side of two of my teams over the years. However, I have always had an affinity for the A's. Maybe one day, they can get a new stadium. My favorite A of all time would be Rickey Henderson.

  7. That Simmer card is beyond awesome!

  8. I am digging the Mcgwire hot commodities. Missing it for my set lol

  9. I was a fan of the Raiders back in the day, even had a Starter jacket of them.
    My fav players all time from these franchises would have to be Canseco, Mullin, Allen.

  10. Tons of great players and history to choose from here. Choosing was not easy at all but I stuck to my top 3 in each sport. Love all the cards. Great job.

    Oakland A's: Rickey Henderson, Dave Stewart, Dennis Eckersley
    Oakland Raiders: Cliff Branch, Ken Stabler, Bo Jackson
    Golden State Warriors: Larry Smith, Latrell Sprewell, Sleepy Floyd

  11. I remember pulling a Golden Seals card out of a hockey pack when I was a kid in the '70s. I had no idea what they were.

    I've mentioned this on the blog before, but the A's have three distinct significant winning eras which seems a bit unusual for a time with that length of history.

  12. Favorite Athletics players: Rickey Henderson and Kurt Suzuki
    Favorite Raiders player: Tim Brown and Charles Woodson
    Favorite Warriors player: Tim Hardaway and Manute Bol

    I stumbled across that Stadium Club Rickey Henderson recently... and it got me thinking if there's a cooler Rickey base card around. That thing is fantastic!