Monday, December 3, 2018

Set Break Surprise and a Superstar RC

I've got some trade packages coming in this week (one has already arrived) and I want to discuss those before my next COMC order arrives in about two weeks. But first I have to catch up on my previous COMC order, and the boxes I bought from Kruk Cards. 

There were four boxes in my Kruk order, including a complete set of 1992-93 Ultra basketball. Even though I have nearly 30% of this set thanks to a few TCDB trade it was worth crossing off completely for just $5.99. Here's the set, as pictured in the eBay listing:

Here's the box I received: 

There was a Michael Jordan card sitting on top of the set. I though it was a bonus, until I took out the cards..

Hey, that's not '92-93 Ultra. I didn't complain, not just because they had just reimbursed me a $15 shipping overcharge, but because $5.99 is a fair price for this slightly bigger Skybox set (and I've got 106 fewer duplicates to deal with since I only had one card in my collection from 92-93 Skybox.) Still, I'm not sure if I'll keep the set intact or break it up and post some singles as tradebait. Probably the latter.

With the exception of the 1988 Panini baseball stickers, all of the cards in my Kruk Cards order came from 1993. I don't know if I agree that The EDGE is Real Value; I paid just $11.24 for a 24-pack box 25 years after its initial release. 

The collation was not favorable in terms of building the set - of the 144 cards in the box, 16 were dupes - but the team breakdown worked well for me. 

Just six cards total from Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Cleveland..

 ...but nine cards from the Packers (a Sanjay Beach dupe was counted but not pictured.)

This John Elway Prism was the only insert in the box. It's available for trade if anyone is interested.

I'll also post a bunch of the base singles for trade, including these all-time greats. Most of the fun in buying these old boxes was in the ripping and reminiscing - especially the 1993 Leaf baseball box, which I'll get to soon.

Now for the conclusion of my pre-Black Friday COMC order. 

This is the most expensive single card I purchased on the site in months, and the most I've paid for a basketball card in years:

Steph Curry's Upper Deck RC often sells for $25 or more on COMC, and all of the singles currently priced under $30 have condition notes. This one was on sale for $20.05, and there were no condition notes. Right before I bought it, an eBay auction for this card ended at over $23+ shipping. That was all the motivation I needed to pull the trigger. 

Do any of you buy cheap boxes of cards from the 1990s (or 1980s) just for the fun of it? If so, where do you get them - on eBay, another online retailer, or at a card show/shop?



  1. I was big fan of the '92-93 Skybox set when it came out, I spent years trying to complete it, never did though, and eventually I donated the partial set to a thrift store (along with a lot of other cards).

    I probably don't have anything for you right now, but if you wanted to set aside that Elway, I'm sure I can find something of interest for you sooner than later.

    And I didn't know that any of Steph's rookies could be had for that cheap, I guess I just kind of assumed that at this point they were all selling for hundreds of dollars.

    1. The Elway is going in your pile, which will be mailed out by the end of the week.

  2. I’ve picked up a few cheap boxes over the years, moreso when I first got back into collecting and less so these days where I’m working on really condensing the size of my collection. Favorites include a box of 1991 Topps baseball for $10 from my LCS, and a $25 box of 1993 Flair baseball from D & A Card World many years ago. Those Flair packs, or boxes really, were like gold back in the day!

    1. I agree with you 100% about those Flair cards. '93 and '94 were beautiful sets in particular, and the packaging was really unique. '91 Topps is a modern classic. I probably would have bought a box by now if I didn't have a factory sealed set in my closet. You can't beat those prices for either box!

  3. I buy as many cheap boxes from the 90's as I can get my hand on. The problem is that doesn't happen too often... but when it does... it's usually at my local flea markets.

  4. I will check out boxes from the early to mid 90s and reminisce and consider buying them, some are seriously cheap, but then I start figuring costs and which cards I want and my brain just gives up. The 1992-93 Ultra NBA was the second set I completed when I came back to collecting, the first was the 1992-93 Stadium Club NBA set.