Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Post-Christmas Post (and contest results)

This is going to be a long post because I had the day off today, so if you'd like to skip ahead to the contest winner portion of the post, I won't judge you...

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. Overall I'd say mine went well, but it has been an up-and-down week. Having Fridays off means I had a five-day weekend (and another one coming) but that also means I did not get my Christmas bonus before Christmas..and I did not get any notice that the office would be closed (or not) today. 

This morning I showed up to the office at 9am as per usual. The doors were locked. That's happened before, at the old office. I knocked a couple times. Peeked inside and saw that no lights were on. Two cars were parked in the parking lot, but they didn't look familiar. I stopped at the Dunkin' Donuts across the street. Waited until 9:30. No one arrived, so I went home. 

Last year on 12/26, a similar thing happened. The door was open that day, and some lights were on. Only one attorney was working (he left the firm when we moved) and said that most of the staff had scheduled to take the day off so the others were allowed to stay home, too. He apologized for not telling me, and it was the easiest working day ever. 

That's probably what the remaining attorneys decided to do last Friday, when I wasn't in. As for the Christmas of our former attorneys was the one to hand them out (around Dec. 10) so I doubt there's one waiting for me. It's one of the reasons why I didn't go to the baseball card show when I was in Connecticut.

It was not a card-less Christmas though. My wife grabbed two packs for me while shopping for the girls, and I got a blaster from the same sister-in-law who got me some godawful junk wax last year. 

That's more like it. I had just finished cataloging my football cards on Christmas Eve, and when the Mrs. handed me a pack of baseball and a pack of hockey I was a little relieved that I could still consider myself 'done'. Not that it would take long to catalog these:

The Davon Godchaux auto appears to be a blue parallel. And unlike Des Lawrence, "Davon G." is currently on an NFL roster - though Des has a nicer signature. 

My girls aren't interested in sports (yet?) but they're young enough to giggle when I tell them I got a Butt in my box. 

The base cards are colorful, and I couldn't have asked for a better selection of players. Rodgers, Favre, Gore, Watt, Tomlinson, and Manning are all players I collect. 

Most of you who received cards on Christmas scanned or snapped a pic of your haul before you opened the packs. I considered that, but decided it wasn't enough of a 'haul'.

Here's the pack of 2018-19 Upper Deck hockey:

Yikes. No Young Guns, no Devils, and only one star player. At least I got my first pack-pulled Golden Knights card.

Thankfully, D also picked a fat pack of 2018 Topps Update baseball. Much better value here - four times more cards than UD, for less than two times the price:

My first cards of Bote and Muncy, and possibly the last card of Colon. "Big Sexy" might be on a card in 2019. Heck, he might be on a big league roster in 2019.

Plenty of star power in this pack including Acuna, Baez, Lindor, and 2500th Career K. 

Inserts, etc. There were four Athletics in the pack, including this Chapman. No Red Sox though. 

It's always nice to get cards for Christmas, but the best gift I got this year was being able to spend some time with my mom on Christmas weekend. Or seeing the joy in my girls as they ripped open dozens of LOL surprise dolls.

Or maybe it was this:

I told D this was the only thing I wanted for Christmas last year. They were very tough to find so I sorta gave up on getting one. Luckily these were not as scarce this season :)

Even though I had an unexpected day off today I didn't play this. Instead I watched my girls play with their new toys, did some shopping on COMC, and listened to the ALT 92.3 countdown.

I wasn't able to catch the entire countdown of the Top 92 Alternative Rock songs of All-time, and there doesn't seem to be a complete list posted anywhere, so I wrote down the top 25 in real time. Hope you can read my handwriting...
I momentarily mixed up Green Day tracks.

Some thoughts before I reveal the winner of my Guess The Second Best contest...

  • This was definitely decided by listeners; the DJs (and the suits) would have picked a different Green Day track. Same for Beasties, Blink, Offspring, and Muse - though I'm psyched that any Muse track cracked the top 20. Also I'm happy that the Offspring entry was not "Come Out And Play" or "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)".
  • Who are these people voting for Chumbawumba? Is that even an alternative song? I never would have considered "Tubthumping" in a million years. By that rationale I'm surprised Smash Mouth's "All-Star" wasn't ranked this high.
  • There is one song in the top 25 that I have never heard before. I'm ashamed to admit it, so I won't tell you what it is.
  • Evanescence is underrated. I'm not saying "Bring Me To Life" should be higher, but whenever I hear it I lament what a damn good band they are/were.
  • Two Fall Out Boy songs in the top 20. Yusss!
  • For a moment I thought Fuji was going to win this, since he picked "Wonderwall"...

Alas, I was wrong. Even the DJ said he was surprised Nirvana was not #1. Congrats to Night Owl, who correctly guessed "Under The Bridge" would be the closest to #2. 

Here's third-party proof that my account is correct (in case you're in disbelief it's not "..Teen Spirit") Greg, send me an e-mail with your preferences for a mix CD or cards. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. It was fun to 'talk' music with you guys. 




  1. Nice Christmas haul and congrats to Night Owl!

    Also, in regards to Evanescence, I saw them in concert once with Seether and Breaking Benjamin. They put on an amazing show. I wish they could've stayed together, they were a great band.

  2. Yahoo, the Chili Peppers finally did something for me!

    Yeah, definitely a "listener-created" countdown. Teen Spirit needs to be No. 1 no matter how tired people are of it.

    There are lot of too recent bands on that list, too. As far as I'm concerned, alternative music died when the '90s ended.

  3. Wow, Smashing Pumpkins didn't even make the much for my guess!

    1. Yeah, that was a surprise. Pearl Jam and Weezer were outside the top 25 too, among others. I'll have to find out if any SP songs made the countdown at all.

  4. Looks like a great Christmas. I love the Contenders cards and that is a Great Barry Sanders card. But yeah Michigan alum Jake Butt has to be the highlight. You had a nice baseball pull as well. And that NES looks too fun. Great post and Merry Christmas!

  5. I had a dream a few weeks ago that I drove to work and after a few text messages to friends realized that school was cancelled. It was like I won the lottery. Then I woke up and realized I had to go to work. Not cool. Coming in 2nd place behind Night Owl isn't cool either. Just kidding. Congratulations NO! And thanks for the contest Chris!