Sunday, June 28, 2020

Nine In The Afternoon

I went to the card show in Milford today. The dime box guy was not there so I was in and out in less than an hour. I spent a total of $50 on nine cards:

I picked these three from a dealer who has some nice Red Sox cards. He had a Carlton Fisk Panini Immaculate Jersey & auto card #d/15 for $45 that I was tempted to buy, and an Ivan Rodriguez Clearly Authentic auto for $35 that was also intriguing. I decided not to spend that much on a single card. The Betts relic (#d/199) was priced at $18. The JDM/Papi dual (#d/150) was priced at $9. The Perez (#d/36) was priced at $5. 

I offered $25 for the three and he accepted.

The dealer wasn't pushy but he made it clear that he would be flexible on price. While I was searching through his boxes a kid stuck his hand in the row of cards I was looking at, plucked a Yankees card that the dealer valued at $3 and asked if his crumpled up dollar was enough. It was.

On the other side of the room was another dealer I'd seen before. He had a box of random loose packs from all sports and years. I had seen this box before but was too focused on dime box diving to pluck some packs. I've really been jonesing to rip open something (a box of 1993 Leaf S2 baseball is on its way to me) so I reached my hand in the box and pulled out a bunch of 2016 Donruss football and 2016-17 Upper Deck hockey. That's when I noticed these were four-card packs. I was hoping they'd be .50 but I was expecting $1. 

He informed me they were $2 each. I put them all back and bought singles from him instead:

The last time I attended a card show I'd picked up Panini Immaculate autos of Kevin Love and Horace Grant for $15 each. This might have been the same guy; his inventory was similar and there was a crowd around his table just like at the December show. Since there was no dime box (and I didn't see a Steve Young RC anywhere) finding more Immaculate cards was my last remaining goal. 

This dealer wanted $12 for Rick Barry and $6 each for Dan Majerle and Kenny Anderson.  Curry and Brodeur were 50 cents each. He didn't know what to charge me for the Cubs trio so he tossed it in as a freebie. 

On my way out I bought  a bunch of penny sleeve packs (5 for $4) and two packs of top loaders, so I spent about $70 total. I was satisfied with my purchases and the amount of time/money spent, but I don't think I need to go there again for a long time.

But! These are not the only nine cards I acquired this weekend...

There's a story behind these and a hundred other cards I brought home. And I'll tell you all about it in my next giveaway this Friday :)

Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow a card show. Hope people aren't getting cocky with the virus. Nice pickups though!

  2. Voting for the auto Rick Barry. I like the look of that Curry card though.

  3. This is the second card show post I've seen today. I don't think they'd be allowing that in New York State.

  4. Yeah, like Bo and N.O. I'm a little surprised cards shows are even a thing right now.
    Very cool of the one dealer to make one buck "enough" on a three dollar card for a kid. That little story made me smile.

  5. I'm shocked that there was a card show. Pretty encouraging to hear that

  6. I know I'm being a Negative Nancy, but I can't stand it when people dive into the same row of cards that I'm looking at without asking me if I have already gone through them. I feel like it's not appropriate card show etiquette. Okay. Rant over. Cool Barry auto. Like the Mookie relic too.

  7. A card show!?! I'm amazed. I think my usual hotel show has been canceled until the next millennium.

  8. Nice pickups! I love that dual J.D./Papi relic, and you got a good price on the lot!

  9. Nice pick ups...I too am surprised that you had a card show to go to.