Thursday, March 9, 2017

100 Word Post - new cards from COMC

Robert ($30 A Week Habit) recently had a contest where he would purchase five cards on COMC for any collector who entered, provided they write a 100-word post about the cards they received from him. The writer in me thought this was a fun idea for a contest. Unfortunately I did not read about Robert's contest until after he had purchased the cards. 

No matter. It just so happens that I cleared out my COMC inventory at the end of February. Using store credit earned through COMC challenges, I purchased just enough cards to earn a $5 shipping credit (and cover the cost of having this batch shipped to me.) There are 62 cards in the batch. I shall now attempt to write a 100-word post about all of them. Starting.... now.

I've wanted this forever:

Low numbered trade bait:

 Color match. Nice catch:

Vintage Giants:


Nearly perfect. Bottom is a bit rough:

Canadian sunset card:

Under 50 cents each:

Former Devils coaches:

Team set starter kit:

40 cents or less. I love this set:

These cost slightly more:

Zach attack:

Zacha attacka:

Big base under two bucks each:

Cheap refractors:

Teams I collect. The Pedro is my fave:

Set filler upgrade:

Logoless legend. Cool teal border:

Put Hoff in the HOF:

Future Golden Knight?

Three Stars:

 This did not scan well.

Beautiful set.

My first Topps Now card.

 Thanks, Papi!



  1. Very cool post. Love seeing the variety and of course the Devils cards.

  2. Nice haul you picked up. Those 72's are sweet. Garnet Bailey and everyone else on that day, just tragic.