Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is This Anything? (2017 Topps Heritage SP's & Variations)

I'm still in the process of sorting through the mountain of 2017 Topps Heritage base cards on my table.. out of five boxes I managed to get at least one copy of every card from 1-200, and no more than three copies of any one card. I should have plenty of dupes to send out as part of my giveaway. (Reminder: if I don't have your address, e-mail it to me by Saturday morning and I'll ship your cards this weekend)

As for the short prints, I ended up with 43* out of 100. Not great, but not too bad. Some of my favorites:

This is just the right amount of hatless players.
Altuve is 5' 6" and the bat looks like a twig in this picture.
Too many Red Sox SP's - and I didn't even get Ortiz or Pedroia
Who said Topps only SP's star players on marquee teams?

*Three of my SP's are action image variations:

 I don't know if I'll count these as part of the set or hunt down the 'regular' SP versions.

There were eight parallels in the haul -- five chrome cards #d to 999, two chrome refractors #d to 568, and a mini King Felix numbered to 100:

Now for the variations. I got two that I'm certain of, including a Rookie Image Variation of Aaron Judge:

sans Austin

Judge is a big dude - I don't think he should have to share a card with anybody. (I was hoping for a Benintendi or Moncada, but I'll take it.)

I also pulled a Clayton Kershaw action image variation:

This is the only one that's not an SP

Now here's where I need your eagle-eyed help - I also pulled three powder blue looking things:

These aren't listed as variations on Cardboard Connection, and the code at the bottom is the same as a regular base card (my contacts might be in the wrong eyes, but I think the code ends in -1867.)

I'm less certain of these next two, which look ordinary on the front:

...but are clearly different on the back:

The one on the right is darker than any card I pulled. Every other card in the box has that mustard yellow back that hurt my eyes after about two hours of sorting.

well... every other card except one:

These Sandy Leon have a different shade of yellow on the back:

 Mustard yellow, meet lemon yellow. Both of these have the same codes as well. 

What do you guys think... are these cards unannounced parallels, or regular base cards with irregular (but not special) colored backs/fronts? I'm going to treat them like variations, but I honestly don't know if I have anything here. 

My next post will definitely be something...




  1. The different colored backs definitely reminds me older sets. Heck even my 1989 Topps set has about four different shades of that maroon/red/pink color.
    Maybe these are alternatives to the bubble gum stain cards they did recently? If so, nice score!

    1. Oh I know it well.. 89 Topps are so ugly! But yes, I had a few thousand. Still have all my Red Sox.

      That's kindof what i thought, they're almost too subtle to be anything intentional. Alas:

  2. The Blue-Bordered cards have 50 copies each, and the Bright Yellow Backs have 25 copies each. Source:

    1. They are listed as parallels under the main set checklist on Cardboard Connection, rather than being listed on the variations page.

    2. Ah, I see that now. Thanks for your help Raz!

      Naturally the cards are not serial numbered so I felt like an idiot. Also, I still don't know what the Rays rookies is - I wouldn't call it a "gray back".. but if it's a "flip stock" I somehow have one of five copies. Suddenly I'm a huge Eddie Gamboa fan!

  3. Love the Bogaerts SP and the Betts image variation. The two best players on the Sox roster and two of the better players in the AL, period. Awesome stuff. Good luck tracking down the rest of the SPs!

    1. Thanks Shane! I was happy to pull 5 Sox SP's ... but also pissed that there are (more than) 5 Sox SP's. In addition to the Ortiz and Pedroia, I still have to track down guys like Posey, Pujols, Cabrera, Trout, Thor, Trea Turner, and Kris Bryant. ::headdesk::

  4. I'm slowly falling for this set. For some reason... I think these would make excellent cards for TTM'ing. I haven't really traveled down that road all that much... but if I did... I would probably bust a few packs of this stuff.

    As for those variants. Congratulations on pulling some sweet stuff. Although it seems like collectors need a chart or something to keep track of everything. It's very cool in some ways, but I'd be afraid of accidentally handing out rare variations on accident. I know the codes help... but my eyes suck.

  5. Apologies if you've already found out, but there are also "gray" backs, which are supposedly limited to 10 copies each. That would explain the darker cards.