Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rediscover This!

Okay, so I'm finished busting open over 100 packs of Topps Heritage. What a fun break! The cards are everything I hoped they would be, in terms of replicating the 1968 set. I haven't collected a Heritage set since they recreated the 1958 set, which was ... ten years ago. (Duh.)

As I opened the packs I separated the inserts/variations/SP's from the giant pile of base cards so that I can scan and sleeve the special cards first.

Before I dig through all the base cards and see if I have a complete set and/or any variations I may have missed, I thought I'd scan up some of the inserts... starting with the "Rediscover Topps" Buybacks.

I have to say, these are kind of lame - not the buybacks necessarily, but the plain all-caps type along the side, and the various colors of each. The set selection is a disappointment as well. Like the cards you've seen fall out of 2017 flagship, it's a lot of overproduced junk wax-era stuff:

And a couple of recent issues. The Seaver is the only one I'm really fond of; it's a Red Sox and a HOFer.. plus I've never seen a buyback of a Topps Traded card, so that's cool, too. I guess I'll keep the Plesac and maybe the Hechavarria... but everything else is up for grabs. Jon and Shane (Shoebox Legends) both collect buybacks, and both have sent me some great cards this week - so you guys get dibs on these.

FYI, here are the card numbers:
85 Lefferts #608
85 Kennedy #635
86 Lee #23        
86 Bannister #784
86T Seaver #101T
87 Willard #137
87 Von Ohlen #287
87 Felske #443
87 Palmeiro #634
87 McGregor #708
88 Brock #212
88 Magrane #380
89 Williams #411
89 Steinbach #725
90 Hrbek #125
90 Plesac #490
90 Crews #551
93 Pugh #702

12 Casilla #389
15 Hechevarria #656

Tomorrow I'll scan up some of the other "hits".. either the variations or the regular inserts. Maybe the relics, I'm not sure. I'm going to get a lot of blog mileage out of these 2017 Topps Heritage cards.

Oh wait, I almost forgot...

Two more buybacks. These one-card packs are very tricky to open, as there's nothing between your thumbs and the fragile fifty-year old piece of cardboard. If you get one of these, definitely open them carefully and slowly (or just cut the top with scissors, and extract them through the slit - maybe that would have worked better?)

Anyway, here are the final two buybacks:

#108 Don Pavletich and #197 Larry Brown. Not junk wax, but not in great condition, either. Both are available for trade.

Have you bought (or plan to buy) any 2017 Topps Heritage? Do you collect buybacks?
Jon/Shane, which card(s) should I set aside for you?



  1. I could go for the Palmeiro, Seaver, Kennedy, and Steinbach, and since I don't want to seem too greedy, either of the 68's would be welcome.

  2. If I cared about the Buybacks at all, I'd want the Lee... Even if it's of my least favourite set..

  3. Ah you beat me to the punch on the Palmeiro Jon!

    1. Well, if it's one of the one's that you wanted the most, I certainly don't mind rescinding my claim on it.

  4. Jon, I'm saving the Seaver for my Red Sox PC (sorry if I wasnt clear on that) but the rest are yours.

    Shane, I hope that's not the only buyback you needed from my list! There's a lot of high #s there.

  5. Awesome post. If you still have to two Minnesota Twins buybacks (Kent Hrbek and Alexi Casila), I would be interested. I have some things from your want list I could send your way in exchange.

    Let me know. Thank you.

    1. Yeah that sounds good. I'll set aside the Twins for you. e-mail me (sutherlandct @ gmail .com)

    2. E-Mail sent. Let me know if nothing came through as I was having email issues today.

  6. I am excited to get some 90 Topps buybacks too but I see the Hrbek just got claimed, ouch! I guess just anything that others don't claim is cool, don't sweat it. Jon if you ever want to trade that Palmeiro I'll send you a bunch of buyback dupes I have for it. Chris has my email if you're interested!

  7. Although the "rediscover" "inserts" serve no useful purpose, I will say this in their favor...they do not replace a regular card in the pack. You get 9 cards AND a rediscover card, not 8. So, you know, ain't gonna complain about it. I'm in the middle of opening my boxes and I'm also glad to see they dropped the gun-stained idea. But I still think there need to be better odds on an autograph than one every 7 boxes or so (I believe it's 1:173 packs).

    1. That's a good point...I did notice that they are "extra" cards (I had a lot more to say about the cards but I got so wrapped up in sorting them I forgot a lot of details)

      I was expecting gum stained variations and I was happy that they did not do those this year. There are other variations I cant figure out - I'll probably scan those up today if I can. As for the autographs...

  8. That Palmeiro buyback is sweet! Not often you pull a buyback rookie card of a 500 home run club member.