Friday, March 3, 2017

Heritage Break Part III: All the inserts and a 19/68 Hit

This is the third (and probably final) post of cards from my 2017 Topps Heritage 5-box break. I might discuss the base set in a future post, but I want to get to some trade goodies I received over the past week (and my incoming COMC order) so I'll end Heritage Week with the inserts and relics.

I was sort of amazed that I didn't pull any duplicate inserts over the 120 packs. That said, I didn't complete any inserts sets, either. For my 2007 Topps Heritage set I completed the full set (including SP's) plus all variations, and I thought I had completed the basic insert sets - but if I did, I no longer have them. Not sure what I'll do with this year's Heritage inserts, but here they are:

Topps Game inserts (11 out of 30)

Baseball Flashbacks (6 out of 15)

News Flashbacks (7 out of 15)

Some of these cards (and others that I didn't pull) are sad reminders of what a depressing year 1968 was in America.

New Age Performers (10 out of 25)

Then and Now (6 out of 15)

Notice that Topps is re-using the same photos for the insert cards. Lazy.

Now for the hits...each box promises an autograph or relic, and after opening the first two boxes I was worried that the Real One autographs were one per case.

Since I bought less than half a case I was afraid the odds were against me, and I'd get stuck with five fairly pedestrian relics.

I got four relics...

Near the bottom of the third box I pulled this beauty, a red ink Real One auto of Astros superstar Carlos Correa:

Apparently these red ink autos are parallels of the regular autographs... and numbered to 68 in recognition of the 1968 set. What's even more awesome is that this particular card is numbered 19/68:

I assure you those are creases in Correa's jersey, not the card.

I bought these boxes purely for the enjoyment of the base set, not to pull a big hit. That said, if I hadn't pulled even a standard auto I would have been disappointed. This Correa card was the cherry on top of a '68 sundae. 

Hope you all enjoyed reading about this Heritage break. I'll be sending some base and buyback packages in the mail soon.  

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. The Porcello is yours! Also, if you are building the insert sets, I'll send along everything I pulled (I don't use them). That Correa is AWESOME!!! Send me a note with your address, please sir! judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com.

    1. Thank you sir! Sent you an e-mail with my address.

  2. Man, that Correa is cool. I think the Abreu jersey is kind f cool too, as it looks like it's from one of their throwbacks, perhaps?

  3. Well, it looks like I need to get at least two of the Then and Now inserts..

  4. What an awesome autograph of one of the brightest young stars in the game, congrats!

  5. I have to be completely honest, I have no idea who Carlos Correa is, but I think it's pretty awesome that you were able to get an auto that was numbered 19/68. eBay 1/1?

  6. Heritage looks like a great set again this year. Looking forward to seeing what Indians are in the base set as well as in the inserts.

  7. At least the jersey for the Abreu card is interesting. I would have to think that white pinstripes are pretty rare.

  8. I pulled the Mookie New Age. Do you need?