Friday, April 16, 2021

Cheap Set Fillers

This has been a strange year for me. I've been doing a lot of re-evaluating, in my life and in my card collection. I'm continuing to sell higher-value cards on eBay while chipping away at lower-end set builds.

This Rhys Hoskins Players Weekend Variation cost $1.86 on eBay. It's about twice as much as I'd hoped to pay, but none of the online retailers I frequent had this card and I gave up on trying to trade for it. ~$2 is a small price to pay to complete the master set of 2018 Topps Big League (except for the ten "error" SSPs.)

Sirius Sportscards has some very nice vintage singles at affordable prices. These two NM singles complete the Dodgers and Padres All-Time Teams, respectively. With free shipping the total was just $6 + tax, or roughly the amount of eBay bucks I earned in the 1st quarter of 2021.

I picked up a half dozen football set fillers on Sportlots, using direct shipping. This lot cost just $2.93 after applying my store credit and a tiny amount of loot.

In total these nine cards cost just over $5 out of pocket - or just over $11 total. Some other purchases have arrived, and more are on the way. I'm not sure if I'll discuss them all. I've been in a wistful mood lately and the hobby hasn't inspired me to write nearly as much as it used to. My mind is ..somewhere else. 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



  1. I love me some Topps Big League. Congrats on completing the master set. I have the master sets for '18, '19 and '20 (no SSPs for me either).

  2. If there's been one good thing to come from all of this Rona business, it's that a lot people seem to be reassessing things, figuring out what is and isn't important to them, etc. Although from what I've seen online, there seems to be more people talking about needing/wanting to make changes, than there are people actually making changes.

    Also, you're working on the 2015 Prizm set? Have you mentioned this before? Because I feel like I'm just hearing about it? I'm fairly certain that I have a few for trade on the TCDB, so if you get a minute, you might want to see if you need any of them. If you do, I'll take them down and send them to you.

    1. I've mentioned the 2015 Prizm set a few times, most recently here and here. It's on my wantlist, but it's easy to miss because I don't have a scanned card there.

      I do need three cards from your tradelist #120, #232, and #239. If you want to send them to me that would be appreciated, but don't feel obligated as I'm still far away from completing this set. I haven't even finished the Prizm basketball set you sent me.

    2. I guess I must've just glossed over it, or perhaps already forgotten, because I did read those posts, and yet... you collecting this set was news to me!

      I will send them, along with another card from your want list (different set though) that I found this morning :)

  3. Topps put out some really nice team cards in the football set in the '80s.

  4. Congrats on completing the Big League set! It's a fun set to be sure!