Wednesday, September 13, 2017

50/50 Trading Post Update and Great Trader Giveaway Announcement!

It has been one month since my 50/50 Trading Post, and I have been so grateful to those of you who chose to send cards of teams and players I collect, and for sending more than 50 cards. Every time I've received a return package I've been pleasantly surprised - and I often feel like I didn't send you enough. 

As I mentioned in subsequent posts, I offered to do a Great Trader Giveaway as an incentive to anyone who went the extra mile with their return - which was just about everyone! So I think it's time to share some details of the giveaway. 

I initially thought of establishing a point-based system which would reward card count, unique cards, speed of return, etc... but that seemed too complicated and unfair. I also considered including bloggers that have sent me cards outside of the 50/50 offer... but that also seemed unfair. So here's the deal: the giveaway will be random. One entry per trader. I'll spin you through the randomizer four times and the name at the top of the fourth list will be the winner.

There will be no prize for the last name on the list. Instead, I will run the randomizer four more times - without the name of the first winner but with the names of traders who did not participate in 50/50 (looking at you, Greg and Gavin!) The name of the trader who tops that list will be the winner of the second prize. 

This part is important...
To be eligible for either contest I must receive your return package by September 29. That's two weeks from Friday, folks. If you have not yet received cards from me please let me know. All of my 50/50 trade packages were mailed out a while ago. As of today, September 13, I have received 50/50 returns from:

Brian (Highly Subjective & Completely Arbitrary)
Paul (Card Boarded)

Brian (Captain Canuck)
Adam (Infield Fly Rule)

Jim (Garvey Cey Russell Lopes Cards As I See Them)

Douglas (Dollar Store Cards...i think?)
Julie (A Cracked Bat)

If you're listed above, that means you're eligible for the First Prize. 

These aren't the only bloggers who have sent me cards over the past month. I've made smaller trades and/or received surprise gifts from:

Wes (Willinghammer Rising)
Gavin (Baseball Card Breakdown)
Greg (The Collective Mind)
Dennis (Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams)

I'm also throwing Corky (Pack War) into this pool because he's working on another custom card project for me. And Tony (Wrigley Roster Jenga), I'll be happy to slot you in here as well. Everyone listed above is eligible for the Second Prize (except the winner of the first prize.)

What are the prizes? 

I won't reveal that yet, but I'll tell you this: the First Prize is a box of cards with a guaranteed hit. The Second Prize... could be the exact same thing. Or it could be a hanger box of new product. Or it could be a PWE with a relic and/or auto. Not sure yet. But the First Prize is set in stone. 

So.. if I haven't received a return from you yet, please try to send your end of the 50/50 swap in time for the 29th.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!



  1. I still have the package ready to mail.. Lack of money is an issue.. Might not have until the 22nd... :(

  2. Mailing to you tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.