Monday, September 11, 2017

A pack of Packers for a single Seahawk

A short time ago, Greg at The Collective Mind wrote about his experience at the National, where he was handed some free football cards from some young dudes. I inquired about the Packers cards in his haul, and we worked out a trade for a card he needed - this Russell Wilson 2012 Topps RC:

(not my card, I didn't scan it before sending to GCA)

I added a few set fillers to the Wilson, and Greg added an extra stack of Packers for a total of 39. Here they are:


Lots of Clay Matthews here. I like the colors of '16 Donruss.

How cool is that Cobb Platinum?

Majik man! He was GB's QB when I first started following football

The Favre cards caught my eye immediately.

I don't actively buy Packers cards anymore (other than an occasional Brett Favre) and I have very few from the past few years. This trade not only helped my card collection but it may have also helped my favorite team; Green Bay held Wilson and the Seahawks to just 225 yards of offense and no TD's in a 17-9 Week 1 win. Yeah the refs may have helped, but I'm still mad about that Monday Night Football debacle a few years back. They owe us one.

Greg, thanks for the trade! I hope I can cross another card off your wantlist in the future.



  1. Great defensive game during the 1st half. Rodgers showed everyone why he's one of the best (if not the best) QB's in the league yesterday. They'll be put to the test again next weekend in Atlanta.

  2. I love filling team collections, especially when they're not down to the rare stuff. I'll keep an eye out for oddball Packers.

    Who else has the 2012 Score Hot Rookies Wilson and needs another team? :)