Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pre-owned Sox n' Stuff

Sports card bloggers have been writing some fantastic posts lately. Billy Kingsley has an informative series about errors and variations on his blog Cardboard History, Night Owl's Blog Bat Around has been fueling trades and giving us some new blogs to follow, and Matt K. has a fun series called Time Travel Trading on his blog Diamond Jesters. 

I've been holding a couple recently-acquired cards in reserve for Matt, so I can join in on the fun. And after his latest Time Travel Trading post I decided it was time to strike.  

Shameless plug: if you missed the latest post in my Sports Card Tour series I discussed Detroit teams. This Bill Freehan sunset card from 1977 Topps arrived in time for the Motown tour stop - but I set it aside for this 'thank you' post. It's one of two cards I claimed from Matt...

This shiny Joey Votto is the other. Like many Chrome cards it wont lay flat, so the scan is a little crooked. Or maybe it's me. I'm having a lot of trouble scanning cards straight today.

While I was making the blogger rounds last week I came across a post from Ryan on his blog Base Card Hero. (If you're not following his blog yet, go follow him now. I'll wait.)

Ryan offered up some team lots for trade/sale to thin out his collection, and even though I was late to the party I was surprised to see the Red Sox were still available. (He's still got some popular teams left, including the Cardinals, Mets, Reds, and Tigers.)

I wanted to claim a second team in order to add a little variety to my collection and I chose the Mariners - mostly for the Ken Griffey, Jr. and Ichiro cards Ryan offered. 

There were 42 Mariners cards in the lot - but I'm saving the rest for the Seattle stop on my Sports Card Tour. However, I can show you all 39 of the Red Sox cards Ryan sent me:

Red Sox stars of the 80s, featuring Wade Boggs. I've never owned a 1984 Donruss Diamond King, I didn't even recognize it at first. 1991 Fleer base cards give me seizures, but the Pro-vision inserts are awesome.

Some more Sawx greats, including an alliterated Manny Ramirez. The Jimmie Foxx might be my favorite here.

Boston legends of the future? The Bogaerts and (second) Devers will go in my dupes pile. Kind of fitting since I sent Matt my Packers dupes to acquire this lot. 

Always happy to add some new Nomars to my collection. I never warmed up to Adrian Gonzalez in his 1+ years in Beantown, but that is a cool die-cut.

A nice batch of (mostly) parallels, including red foils of Jackie Bradley and Allen Craig. The David Ross ring card is one of my favorites as well.

Matt, Ryan...thanks again for the trades! Your cards should be arriving soon. I've been delayed by my family taking all of my free time and, in an unrelated matter, taking all of my packing tape.

Thanks for reading!


p.s. I had absolutely no idea what to call this post...until this Married... With Children line popped into my head.


  1. I agree, that Foxx is an awesome card!

  2. Glad you liked the cards! It's good to know future Red Sox cards that I acquire can go to a good home.

  3. Thanks for the trade! I appreciate bloggers like you keeping it going! I'll be adding Base Card Hero to my blog roll too!

  4. Sweet Votto... and that 84D Boggs Diamond King isn't too shabby either.

  5. Excellent job leading off with the Freehan. That A-Rod Kid Gloves is another example of why 90s inserts rule!

  6. Those Red Sox cards are awesome, especially the red foils. I love how they've been playing to start the year. Hanley (so far) looks destined for a bounceback season.