Saturday, June 29, 2019

COMC summer haul and an eBay trade

I had 35 cards sitting in my COMC inventory and decided to bring them home rather than leave them in Redmond until December. Two of them are for a possible Blogger trade (remember those?) while others will be featured in an upcoming blog post/tab.

At one point I had about $38 in challenge credit and I'd missed out on a 1956 Topps team card (White Sox) hoping that it would still be around when the Spring Cleaning sale started. It wasn't, but this Charlie Neal was - and I snatched it up for $29.90:

That left me with just enough cash to grab this Hank Thompson from a different seller for $8.16:

I'm now at 45% of the 1956 Topps set, and there's a set break of high-grade singles up on eBay..but they're too high-grade. The cheapest singles are PSA 8 commons listed at $30 each.

My 1984-85 O-Pee-Chee set build got a big boost, thanks to an eBay "trade". I sold three items, including an Apollo 11 DVD my brother-in-law offloaded to me and a flat-rate box of over 600 used 9-pocket pages. Those two items alone brought in enough cash to purchase these:

Wayne was the most valuable card I needed; I've seen it sell for up to $75 in this condition but this one was only $41 (which is still a helluva markup just for a fancy holder. I know.)

This Mario Tremblay is the only non-HOFer (and non-Oiler) in the lot. Is it me, or does the close-up photo make him look like a star from the 1960s?

I now have all ten Wayne Gretzky cards in the 1984-85 O-Pee-Chee set. 

A couple years ago, Charles Barkley crashed a Stanley Cup press conference and asked Wayne "Who is your favorite black athlete of all time?"  Gretzky's response?

I wonder if Charles forgot that Fuhr won five Cups - four of them with the Great One.

Now that we've got the graded cards out of the way, let's get back to the COMC haul. Until recently my entire Exquisite base set build had come courtesy of COMC. The Taylor Hall was avaible for $6.25, but that was a little more than I wanted to spend. I added a Martin Brodeur relic to my offer..and got both of them for under $13 total.

The Hall base card still cost more than this triple relic from 2015-16 The Cup.

Not a lot of star power here, and only Schneider is still with the Devils. That might explain why I was able to grab it for just $3.25.

I'm a sucker for O-Pee-Chee Platinum cards (this year's batch just hit COMC/ePack) especially rainbow parallels. The Jesper Bratt auto cost $2.87; the Nico Hischiers were $0.37 and $0.44. I'm not usually one to hoard multiple copies of the same card, but I will buy a dozen of them at that ridiculously low price.

For comparison's sake, this Dominic Smith refractor was an impulse buy that doesn't fit my collection any more than he fits in the Mets' lienup...and I spent $0.85 on it.

I'd be open to trading this card if anyone is interested.

Most of the other cards in this batch are for various PCs and set collections, except this one:

I picked up this Big Z for $0.28 during the Stanley Cup Final. Really wanted to see him win another one after Brayden Schenn broke his effin jaw. The ovation he got during introductions before Game 5 still gives me the feels:

Brett Favre certainly knows about playing through pain. I added five more Favre cards to my collection of over 700:

The Franchise Leaders insert was the cheapest of these ($0.95) while the Sterling Sharpe red parallel was the most expensive Packer at $3.35.

If I had a choice I wouldn't have gone with the red, but I wanted a HOF contenders card of Sharpe and this was the lowest priced card on the site.

Another card I had to have was this Taylor Hall Game-Dated Moments card, one of only two "cards" that show him holding the Hart trophy (the other is a Panini sticker)

I don't mind telling you that I overpaid for this. Was it worth $7.08? Probably not. But sometimes you gotta swallow hard and fork over the cash (or credit).

Wrapping up the puck portion of the post with a pair of cards from this year's OPC set. Or what I wish the base set looked like. These are from the Canadian Tire Coast To Coast set. I don't know what that is, or how to get them, but the red-bordered parallels are especially appealing. (I got two others from a trade with TCDB member MasterOfPuppets.)

Some Prizm set fillers here. Kobe cost $0.50, the rookies were $1.11 total. I'm down to 27 needs for this set. One of them is the Joel Embiid RC. This might take a while.

The Red Sox are in London this weekend. I'm interested to see how the Brits take to baseball, but the last thing the Yankees need is a smaller park to launch bombs out of.

Craig Kimbrel won't have to worry about that. He was unemployed when I purchased this card for 50 cents, but now he's closing for the Cubs.

Why did I pick this pair of Pirates? Cause they only cost me three bucs. (Bucs, get it?) The Trevor Williams sapphire ($0.75) fits into my player PC, while the Harrison auto ($2.25) is a preview to my next post (and collection tab..)

 Here's a couple more cards from that collection. Details to follow.

And we'll close this post with Kristen Bell. I need to do a better job of tracking non-sports card with my favorite celebs; most of them only make their way into my collection because I stumble across them on COMC. This Elle Bishop foil (parallel?) cost two quarters.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!



  1. Nice mix and a great haul! I spy a Cammalleri but my favorite is easily the Green/Favre Ticket Masters. Long live acetate!

  2. The '56 Topps set features some of the most beautiful cards in Topps Flagship history.

    Speaking of the Red Sox, yikes. Porcello just gave up 6 runs in 1/3 of an inning. This is getting hard to watch.

  3. You did very well "trading" for those 1984-85 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards!

  4. Nice Largent and Brodeur relics! Throw in the 56's and it looks like you and I have similar collecting interests.

  5. Great haul! So much to like here, but I'm really loving those graded cards at the outset. I can't believe how far you are along on the '56 set, and as someone who's tried accumulating 1980s Gretzky cards in PSA 9 slabs I can only imagine how good it must feel to have all ten from that '84-85 release!