Tuesday, June 25, 2019

TCDB trades and Blogger nostalgia

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, thanks to a pre-dawn thunder shower. Started scanning the cards you'll see in this post, and I had some extra time so I snooped around Blogger a bit.

Most of you only know me from this blog, but one or two of you might remember when I wrote about personal thoughts and story ideas. I stopped doing that for many reasons: I ran out of story ideas, and my favorite bloggers stopped blogging. I got tired of writing about my life, my personal struggles, and the like - but never got tired of writing. I shifted my focus to a subject that would supply endless amounts of material and never looked back. Until this morning.

On this particularly dreary day, I started to miss Mich, and Sam, and Kayla. I wondered what happened to them, and it turns out that two of them have published novels recently. I probably could have done that, if I wasn't so focused on baseball cards (aw, who am I kidding? I could never do that) The last time I heard from Kayla was when I wrote a 3-part short story. I re-read it this morning, nearly two years later, and I still like it. I've got the urge to write again, but not the time. Yet.

Are there blogs (or bloggers) that you miss? Do you wonder what happened to them, or do you keep in touch outside of Blogger?

Nostalgia has also impacted my sports card collecting habits. One of the major reorganization decisions I made was to move my baseball card sets out of monster boxes and into binders, so I can flip through each card. I've started a tradition of buying overproduction-era wax boxes and other childhood favorites from Kruk Cards every August, around my birthday. I didn't want to do that this year. I wanted to purchase something more significant. But...

Right now I'm in the mood to grab series 2 boxes of 1992 Fleer Ultra, 1993 Fleer Ultra, and 1993 Leaf baseball. Once those sets are done, I want to buy boxes of 1993 Upper Deck baseball and football, and maybe 1994 Leaf baseball. Most current sets just don't appeal to me anymore - and even when the designs are nice (such as Stadium Club) the card count is discouraging. I'd rather spend $20 on a few hundred older cards than a few dozen newer ones. Maybe that will change if I go the August card show. Or maybe I'll see a discount table of $10-20 boxes from the '90s and hoard the hell out of 'em.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough. Here are the aforementioned cards I scanned this morning. These are two TCDB trades mixed together: I sent a half-dozen Phillies cards to herkojerko, and a dozen-plus San Francisco cards to 49ants. 

I've never liked Roger Clemens, but I love 1993 Score Franchise inserts. When I wrote a post about these last October I had not acquired cards representing the Red Sox or the Packers. Now I've got both. [p.s. I'm working on a post about my favorite set from 1993]

This Rafael Devers RC completes my 2018 Stadium Club team set - just in time for 2019 to hit shelves! 

This rookie card of "Mr. Devil" Ken Daneyko is from 1989-90 - seven years after he was drafted. (That's what he gets for being a defensive defenseman on a team that had only made the playoffs once in the '80s.)

Five more cards of baby stealer Brett Favre brings my total to..702. (two are dupes, but I just picked up two more on COMC)

Six more cards for my 1986 Topps football set build, including a razor-sharp John Elway from 49ants. I'm now at 54.5% completion, and probably 50% of that has come through TCDB trades.

More set fillers. Theus is my 30th addition to the 132-card 1988-89 Fleer set. Dawkins brings me within
13 of the base NBA Hoops set and within 20 of the master set. Aguilar is for my second set of Heritage (base cards only)

I'm holding back the last four cards in these trades for a future edition of Connecticut Cards.


The Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2019 was announced today. Here it is:

Um..what? Hayley Wickenheiser was a lock, and Sergei Zubov was definitely one of the top two or three eligible defensemen. But Carbonneau? Not Alfredsson, or Roenick, or Turgeon, or Fleury, or Mogilny, or Tkachuk? Guy Carbonneau? 

I don't want to say this is the NHL's answer to Harold Baines because defensive excellence is legit. But if he's in, then Patrice Bergeron better get in the minute he's eligible. 

btw, just to bring this back to bloggers..Bergeron was Kayla's favorite player if I remember right..



  1. I came fairly late to blogging so most of the bloggers I knew are still around. It's the people who are in it for the long haul that are left at this time, I guess. The only ones I read regularly who have retired are Matt/Bob Walk the Plank and Wes.

    I was somewhat underwhelmed with the HOF class today. I was SURE Elias would go in. I was hoping Lecavalier would get the nod because he's the favorite player of all time of my friend who sent me a couple thousand hockey cards in 2015 in an effort to get me into the sport. And the continual denial of Roenick makes me think the board that votes has it in for him, like Chris Webber in the basketball HOF.

    Could you send me info on the show in August? I don't know if I will be able to get to it, but I can't go if I don't know. A PM on the Database would be the best, I check it daily.

  2. Like Billy, I haven't been around long enough to see too many bloggers leave (although quite a few post a lot less than they used to), but I do miss a number of people that used to stop in at my blog, and I do wonder what happened to some of them.

  3. I too miss Matt and Wes's posts. Also miss reading Brian's posts over at Play at the Plate.

  4. I've been around long enough to remember Dinged Corners, that's the first one that comes to mind for me. And the original Baseball Card Blog. Cardboard Gods still posts occasionally but not like he used to.
    I'll check tonight but I think I have some boxes of Ultra and/or Leaf. Will have to check what year and series.

    1. The boxes I have are '92 Ultra series 1, and '97 Leaf series 1. Let me know if you can use either of those.

    2. I have all of '92 Ultra s1 and I'm not collecting '97 Leaf at the moment. But thanks for checking!

  5. I only started following the card blogs a couple of years ago, so like Billy, just about all of the blogs I know are still around. In other news, I can't believe that 1989-90 OPC card was Ken Daneyko's first card. Wow.