Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mystery Packs from the Baseball Card Store

Recently I ordered some hockey, basketball, and football cards from the Baseball Card Store. I didn't have time to search through their baseball cards so I went back a few days later and placed a baseball-heavy order, then requested shipping on the whole lot. The box arrived two days earlier than expected.

 I'm going to stretch out the contents of my box over several posts. Today I'll show off the mystery packs available at BBCS. These are 15-card grab bags at the same dime-a-card price, but the selection is as random as a repack. There's even more of a surprise since you can't see the front-facing card when ordering these.

If you're interested in ordering from BBCS but you find their search option tedious I highly recommend ordering some of these mystery packs. I ordered five.. and I received six:


I was very pleased with the front-facing cards. The Jordan is a team set issue. Any MJ for a dime is a nice surprise.


I ended up with two Jordan cards. Aside from these and the Drew Brees, everything else fit a set build or PC. Pacioretty and Young are Connecticut guys. 

The hockey pack was a free gift/replacement for one out of stock card. Above and beyond, IMO. Here are the highlights:

Nice mix of stars, HOFers, and fan favorites. Older stuff and newer stuff. A perfectly good repack.

The basketball repacks were exceptional, though that could just be because I don't have as many NBA cards as other sports. You be the judge:

Two inserts and a parallel of '90s stars. I love that Dikembe Rejector. Smits is a need for my Hoops Decade set build. 


 Look at all these stars! I had mistakenly ordered two copies of the 1991-92 Upper Deck Drexler and pulled a third copy out of the repack. If anyone is collecting this set or Clyde "The Glide" let me know.


The football packs were interesting. I noticed a pattern right away. Here's every card across the three packs:

As you can see., each repack had one card..

..from one of these sets: 1986 Topps, 1991 Pro Set, Topps, Ultra, UD, Wild Card, 1994 Score Gold Zone parallels..

..2006 Topps Chrome (my favorite of the newer sets), 2012 Panini R & S, 2012 Topps...

2014 Bowman Chrome, 2014 Topps Chrome mini, 2014 Topps Play 60, and 2015 Panini Stickers. 

There was only one very slight difference..

.. a very slight difference since all three of these green-bordered cards depict Patriots. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the football packs, especially compared to the basketball. That was until I cataloged my new cards on TCDB and noticed that the 2012 Topps Kam Chancellor is his rookie card.

I have no idea what the legit value of the Chancellor RC is, but the cheapest copy on COMC is currently listed at over $5

Not a bad pull from a blind pack of dime cards. Perhaps next time I'll order some baseball packs.

Have you had any recent success with mystery packs, grab bags, or repacks? 

Thanks for reading!



  1. You did get some nice basketball cards.

    Last time I checked Walgreen's for repacks they were out.

  2. A. Nice Jordans.

    B. Nice Kam. That guy could hit. Shame he had to retire.

    C. Haven't bought any mystery packs, grab bags, or repacks recently. But six months ago, I busted open a bunch of grab bags in 2019. Nothing too crazy... but it was entertaining.

  3. Thanks for this! I was just about to check out with about 70 new 2/14 cards, and added a couple basketball repacks to the mix.

  4. it's nice that they sent you compensation for an out of stock card. my most recent order from them had two cards that turned out to be out of stock, but i had to email and ask why the cards were missing from my order. i got a "sorry", but no credit or compensation from them.
    as far as repacks go, i found some new ones at the local walgreens the other day in addition to the junk wax regular repacks. each of the new ones had a 2020 topps series 2 green parallel decades' best card showing, with 3 packs inside of 2019 topps series 1, 2013 panini cooperstown, and a third pack that varied from 2018 topps heritage high numbers to 2015 panini prizm to 2019 topps fire in the three that i bought. wound up with an acuna rookie from the heritage high pack, so that was nice.

  5. I don't buy repacks anymore, I always end up with too many damaged cards. These basketball packs turned out really well, although I feel like people are gonna be buying these now looking for MJ's, only to find that you got the only ones. As tempting as they are, with my luck, I'd probably get an Andrew Bynum hot pack.