Monday, January 28, 2019

An Oscar-worthy performance

I'm working on a massive and seemingly never-ending sports card organization project, and when I spend an extended amount of time in my sports card room, I like to have something to watch that doesn't demand my complete and undivided attention. Two weeks ago I watched a movie called Like Father with Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer. Last week I watched Nerve.. and yesterday I watched The Hunger Games quad-rilogy. 

I've seen the first two Hunger Games films at least five times, and Mockingjay parts 1 & 2 probably four times. Watching them again got me thinking about how the Oscars completely ignore anything that isn't a prestige flick. It's bullshit. 

I'm not saying that The Hunger Games films should have been nominated for Best Picture (and I'll give the Academy points for at least trying to include big-budget blockbusters since then) but I will say that upon my fifth viewing of this quad-rilogy, I was still emotional over Jennifer Lawrence's incredible performance as Katniss Everdeen.


Jennifer has been nominated for four Academy Awards, and she's the youngest actress ever to receive three Best Actress noms.
  • She was nominated for Winter's Bone when she was just 20 years old (and set the red carpet on fire)

  • She won her only statuette for Silver Linings Playbook...and proceeded to fall on her way up the stage.

  • She was nominated for Joy, but lost to Brie Larson..who also played a character named Joy.
  • She also received a Best Supporting Actress nom for American Hustle. I didn't think she was all that great in Hustle. She was okay. Not nearly good enough to beat Lupita Nyong'o.

She was not nominated for Red Sparrow. I haven't seen that yet, so I can't say if she should have been.

However, I can say with absolute certainty that the best performances of her career thus far were not recognized by the Academy.

I could have picked a dozen other clips from these films, but you get the idea. It's clear that the Academy recognizes Jennifer Lawrence as one of most talented performers of the decade. What's not at all clear to me is how the Academy could reward her talent in one film and willfully ignore it in another.

Anyway, that's my mini-rant for today. Back to baseball card topics next time. :-)



  1. Jennifer Lawrence is truly amazing. Even when the movies are a bit out there like "Mother!"

  2. I enjoyed Hunger Games and Catching Fire. One of these days, I need to watch Mockingjay movies.

  3. Haven't seen HGames, but I did watch Red Sparrow over the weekend. Brutal and dark movie, but she plays her role quite well. Not the kind of rewatchable fun time that those others probably are.

  4. They definitely seem to look down on performances in blockbusters. They'll say they don't but... Jennifer Lawrence was good in the Hunger Games movies. Not sure why they ignore those. Good post.