Monday, August 28, 2017

A pretty little PWE from the custom card king

A couple weeks ago, I reached out to Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown about an A&G card he offered up for trade. We worked out a deal and he included some extras in a PWE:

Four Xanders, a pair of Betts, and the aforementioned Dustin Pedroia Ginter card. 

But this envelope wasn't all Red Sox:


Hello ladies! Gavin sent some gorgeous girls my way, including a custom "Pretty Girls" mini of Taylor Swift. Very nice! One day I'll get Gavin to cook me up a couple more customs like these...

The Ted Williams Navy mini is also very cool, and the Eric Hosmer Heritage was a need. According to his Player's Weekend jersey, Hosmer's nickname is "Papo", so a 'Pop Out' seems appropriate.

Thanks for the trade Gavin!


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