Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Target story, and a Penguin repack

Earlier today I went to Target to pick up a card for my nephew, and some bubble mailers to ship out the first wave of 50/50 trades. (If you missed that post and you'd like to claim a team/random lot, click here. Plenty of great lots still available!)

Naturally, I decided to stop by the sports card aisle and see what was on the shelves. About a minute after I got there, two boys entered the aisle and started picking through the packs. I grabbed a repack box, squeezed past them, and finished my shopping. When I arrived at the checkout lines I spotted a woman who appeared to be finished - but she wasn't leaving. She was waiting (and shouting) for her boys to finish picking out baseball cards.

While I stood behind her, seeing my younger self in these boys, their mom instructed them to hurry up and pick five "packets" because "this gentleman" is waiting. But this gentleman indicated the repack box on the conveyor belt and told her "It's ok. I collect, too."  

When the boys returned to their very attractive mom, I laughed at what was in one boy's hand. A blaster box ..and some packs "I told you to get five. Did you get five? What is this? Football? I thought you were getting baseball. Okay, fine. But you're getting in line and buying that with your own money. No, don't hand her the money like that. Unfold it first. Lord, give me the strength...."

I hope they got better cards in their "packets" than I did in my repack. 

Target didn't have any $12 or $20 baseball repacks (there were lots of football and hockey though) so I had to settle for the $8 repack - 4 packs plus 50 loose cards:

Not gonna show you what I got in these cause some of the cards might end up in 50/50 trades. Also, there wasn't anything worth showing. Trust me.

Okay, here's a few scans:

Told you there wasn't anything great in these packs. The 50 loose cards were even worse:

Sooo much junk wax. Why do I buy these repacks anyway?

Because they're fun. It would be nice if there wasn't sooo much 1989 Topps and 1988 Donruss in there, but there were a few hidden gems:

The Penguin! I hear he's popular 'round the blogosphere. My father in law told me that when he was buying boxes of 1989 Topps with his youngest son (the one who bought me three cards for my Bday) the last card they needed was Bill Bene. For some reason, thy couldn't find that card anywhere - until they found a few in their LCS and bought 'em all. 

The Canseco is an O-Pee-Chee, and there were two others in the stack. I dont think I've ever seen 1992 OPC baseball before. The gold Glenallen Hill was the only insert in there, and the Barberie makes me wish I had stayed on mission and bought a box of 1993 Upper Deck for my birthday. Those cards are so cool, especially the Marlins and Rockies.

Speaking of birthday purchases, one of the things I bought was a set of 15 giant Garbage Pail Kids cards. I took out five I wanted to keep and I'm giving the other ten to my nephew. He's had a tough time lately, going through a divorce and fighting for custody of his infant daughter. Since we grew up on GPKs I thought that these might cheer him up, and remind him of his childhood:

Maybe that's why repacks are more appealing to me than a hanger pack of Allen & Ginter. Those old junk wax cards take me back to when I was a young lad, grabbing more packs than my mom agreed to, and handing over my scrunched-up bills to buy baseball cards.. or football cards.. or Garbage Pail Kids. Or all three :-)



  1. A few years ago, I purchased a huge GPK collection for the exact reason you mentioned. They remind me of my childhood.

  2. Man... I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but that Topps Bunt design keeps growing on me more and more.

  3. I remember the fun of buying cards when I was younger