Thursday, May 3, 2018

Blog Skate Around - My All-Autographed Hockey Team

It's been 86 degrees all week here in Jersey, my internet connection has been slow and unreliable, and I'm watching more NBA playoff games than NHL. If I don't get this post out now, I'm not sure if I ever will.

Here's my lineup of hockey autographs. Since this isn't an official "Blog Bat Around" there aren't any rules as to how many players/what positions are needed, so I just went with a standard NHL roster - plus a couple of extras.


Martin Brodeur gets the start, obviously. Henrik Lundqvist will wear the baseball hat.

NHL rosters only carry two goalies, but Olympic rosters have three. I think we can squeeze in a third-stringer here.

Defense Pair #1

If this were an actual team I might split up these Hall of Fame defensemen. But for purposes of this post they're my top two.

Defense Pair #2

Hedman and Jones are two of the best blue liners in the game today. 

Defense Pair #3

Not your typical third-pair. Ozolinsh and OEL are both excellent puck-movers.

1st Line Forwards

I could put Jarome Iginla on this line instead of Jagr and call it the "No Cup" line, or something snarky.

2nd Line Forwards
Stamkos and Iginla could probably play on any line, but I wanted a playmaker like Thornton centering two of the all-time greats.

3rd Line Forwards

If only I had a Boom Boom Geoffrion or Guy LaFleur auto, eh?

4th Line Forwards

The "BAP" line..because I have way too many Be A Player cards. I do like the 05-06 set though.

Healthy Scratches

I had to fit these guys in somewhere. Now all we need a seventh defenseman... and some more Devils.

That'll do. Marty brought Ken Daneyko and Patrik Elias with him.

Do you have an all-autographed hockey team? Let me know in comments - or join the Blog Skate Around!



  1. Love seeing Theoren Fleury... even if he was a healthy scratch. That guy was one of the original short guys I collected. I'll be creating my team in the near future. Maybe next week?

  2. Killer lineup Chris! If I had to pick a favorite I might go with the Brodeur or that fantastic Jean Beliveau. Beautiful cards all around.

  3. All my hockey autos are Charlie Simmer

  4. Maybe I need I join in this one to. Of course my team would be somewhat make shift autos of what I got haha