Wednesday, December 25, 2019

12 Days of Christmas Day 12 - Thank You!

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's day 13 of The Collector's 12 Days of Christmas series, and I've saved the best for last - a Thank You to the blogger friends who have sent me some new cards this holiday season.

First I want to thank Bo and Chris for our recent trades. Bo was very patient with me and Chris sent a huge trade stack in exchange for just one card off his wantlist (I was able to add a couple more.) They're not 'gifts' but they deserve to be acknowledged and I will share the spoils of these swaps soon. 

We'll start with a PWE from Billy, a nice mix of basketball and hockey:

 Daiki Terashita is my first basketball card from outside North America. Very cool!

I would complain about Upper Deck repeating a player within the same set - but it's P.K. Subban so it's okay with me. Is Niagara Falls close enough to Buffalo? I've been to both but it was a looong time ago.

A nice stack of Devils including a couple cards with the old "Christmas tree" jerseys. The Nico Hischier sticker is kind of tinsel-like..I guess? Billy, thanks for the awesome PWE!

Next we have a killer care package from Dennis. He's been sending goodies all across the blogosphere. Let's see what he has for me:

Moar Devilz! These guys all have something in common...yep, they're Michigan alums!

Some surplus Sox, possibly from his Packening? I just finished cataloging all 4,000+ of my Red Sox cards, and the top three here were needs. How did I not have an '89 Donruss Boggs already?

All of these were new to me. I really want to find more Upper Deck Decade 1970's cards (why didn't they make a 1980's set?) and I can never get enough 1994 Pinnacle Museum parallels.

Dennis knows I'm a sucker for 2002-005 Topps Pristine singles, and this is the second time he's sent some my way. Two more Dustin Pedroia relics bring my total to 19, more than any other player in my collection.

Here's an interesting card - this E-X Wall of Fame relic has Nomar Garciaparra on the front...

..and Robin Yount on the back! I did a double-take when sorting these, thinking that Dennis had sent a Yount relic that I'd somehow missed when opening the package.  

Dennis, thanks again for the great cards. You always go above and beyond, and it is appreciated!

Last but certainly not least, here's a package from Roy aka Bulldog. I sent him one card (okay, two) and he hit me back like:

I got a 100-card cube in the mail stuffed with 69 Packers cards, including:

Playoffs! That's where the Packers are headed - and hopefully with a first-round bye :)

A Snow Day Clay, and two of my all-time favorite receivers in Sharpe and Nelson. Blake Martinez has been a tackling machine this year. It's so nice to have a good defense for once!

 I would like you to do us a Favre though. Favre count increased by 4. Awesome.

Some current Devils including my first Jack Hughes card, another Nico, and a Taylor Hall. I really hope Hallsy can get to the second round of the playoffs for once. If Jay Bouwmeester can win a Cup why can't Hall? Also some Stranger Things set fillers, which I will need to scrounge together in trades unless the blasters go on clearance some day.

Roy, thanks very much for this generous group of cards! And thank you all for reading and commenting on this series. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



  1. Merry Christmas, buddy! Also, I didn't even notice that Yount's name was on the back of that Nomar.

  2. Cool wall relic! Merry Christmas!

  3. Awesome stuff. Merry Christmas!
    I loved when Leaf put those cityscape on back of cards

  4. Merry Christmas Chris, I'm glad you like what I sent. For whatever it's worth, yours was the first package I finished when I was putting together my contest prizes, although I did have some of those Devils set aside for you already.

  5. Always awesome to see a Whalers card. My favorite though is definitely the Hughes/Hughes Young Guns checklist. I might grab one of those myself! Nice pickups Chris and happy holidays!