Thursday, December 5, 2019

COMC Black Friday weekend in review

Did you do any Black Friday shopping on COMC this past weekend? This is likely the first time I did not have anything shipped to me during their annual sale. Their "specials" continue to be less and less special every year, and setting a minimum purchase of $99 just to earn free shipping (by Dec.23?!?) was such an insult that I refused to qualify (but I nearly did anyhow...) 

Since the cards I purchased won't be in-hand for quite a while I might as well share my thoughts on them now.

I had $17 in challenge credit before the sale, and I will give credit to the COMC gatekeepers for keeping those challenges open the whole week leading up to the sale. There were four cards I immediately wanted to jump on, but only two of them were discounted - both by the same seller:

This Orlando Cepeda second-year card was $8 before the sale. I grabbed it for $5.29 on sale, which allowed me to add this to my cart:

Solly Hemus sounded only vaguely familiar to me but it's a 1952 Bowman rookie card in good shape (I hope), and it was only $2.69. That's good enough for me. 

I had $65 remaining from eBay sales and put $60 in my COMC account. It was all I'd planned to spend during the weekend. With my total up to $69, I made an offer on another vintage card and it was accepted:

Really thought I had a 1956 Topps Richie Ashburn already, but I guess I added it to my eBay watch list and never picked it up. This was an auto-accept at $36.20; the seller had another '56 HOFer I needed, but I could only afford one and chose the cheaper card so that I could pick up some Packers.

The backs of these Flashback Fabrics cards are weak (like most non-base cards these days) but it's an actual game used swatch, and..

It's numbered 4 of 399! This would be my first Favre card numbered #4/xx, so I gladly paid the sale price of $11.73.

Then we have this Jordy Nelson Immaculate Numbers relic. I absolutely overpaid for this. 

When I came across this last year it was priced at $20.25 ($16.25 on sale). That was too much for me, so I left it on my watch list all year. This Black Friday weekend, Nelson was on sale for.. $16.25. I got tired of waiting so I grabbed it. What could I have bought instead?

This Calvin Johnson relic is available for under $16 right now. On sale it was less than half that. Sigh.. the price of being a Packers fan..

To be honest I could have purchased both cards. I had enough room in the budget for Megatron, but instead I spent my remaining cash on a couple of Boston boys.

I added this Zdeno Chara to my Exquisite set build for just $3.75. That left me with $4.40. There was a Sterling Sharpe relic that I really wanted priced at $5.24 ($4.50 on sale.) I made an offer of $3.75, and the seller countered with the sale price of $4.50. I didn't have $4.50, I had $4.40. So I offered him that, and he declined.

Then I tried the same offer with a card priced at $5.25 (not on sale). This seller accepted:

That was it. My Black Friday shopping was complete, and I had... six cards?!? A new personal low by far. 

Then Cyber Monday came along and some of the cards on my watch list were discounted even further. I decided to clear them out, and added another $10 to my COMC account. With $2 more in challenge credit earned late Monday night I had $12 to spend... but what to spend it on?

The Calvin Johnson relic was now $6.25 and I agonized over it. I really wanted to grab a Taylor Hall auto even though I know he's not long for New Jersey and will probably be traded by the end of February. But $7 for an on-swatch auto was too good to pass up:

That left me with $5 - not enough for Calvin, but enough to add another Exquisite single:

Nathan MacKinnon cost just $2.49. I'm now down to five needs in the 30-card base set.

With my remaining $2.51 I added two more Brett Favre cards:


There were three copies of this Pinnacle Inscriptions Favre - one unpeeled for $2.75, one peeled (and scratched) for about $0.65, and this peeled and (hopefully) unscratched copy, which cost me $1.20. 

This Panini Illusions Favre sold at $0.75 then resurfaced for $0.68. I double-checked my TCDB have list, confirmed I don't have it, and added it to my cart.

That left me with $0.63, just enough for this odd-looking Dave Andreychuk milestones card which, if turned on its side, notes his 500th goal.

That's... better?

How did you spend your Black Friday weekend? Did you get any great deals on cards, gifts, or anything else?



  1. I did zero card shopping on Black Friday/cyber Monday...and I'm ok with it. The 500 goal card is cool...reminds me of the Fleer 3000 Hit Club cards.

  2. I in fact did take advantage of the Black Friday deals at COMC -- for the first time ever! Got that '56 Ashburn, too.

  3. Nice grabs! I did a bit of Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping on COMC, but I agree that the promotion and deals didn't seem to be as enticing this year.

  4. I am totally with you on the "deals". That wasn't a deal. I mentioned in a post last week, that I wouldn't be doing much this Black Friday (or Cyber Monday), and I didn't other than to pay for and ship what I had been building in my ComC cart. Even the sellers there weren't putting on much for a "real sale", I spent most of the weekend just browsing around. I have a ton I have been "watching" for several years, and only a few (literally) had a decent discount.

  5. Awesome stuff Chris! I try to participate in COMC's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale every year. I did again this year, but I have to agree I didn't find the discounts all that compelling as I have in years' past. Nonetheless, I ended up plucking just over 50 cards when all was said and done (nothing expensive). I'm actually planning a top 50 countdown post (or two posts) covering those as soon as they arrive in a couple of weeks!

  6. Nice Favres! I focused mainly on picking up new Robin Younts for my collection, but did dabble elsewhere and managed to pick up a few new Farvres as well. I'll agree the free shipping deal was disappointing but not unexpected as it's the same deal they had for the their spring cleaning promotion back in May. I had no intention of reaching the free shipping goal, until I did, but I'm pretty happy with what I picked up, but yeah it was a lot of searching to find decent deals this year. Seem like the last couple years have been that way since they split ways with Beckett and moved to a larger facitlity.

  7. I found some cards and saw lots more I wanted, but money is tight so I could only spend $40. Still managed to turn it into about 50 cards. I also had my order shipped, which has been gathering up since August 2018. I'll be posting about them after they arrive. They say that it should arrive to me by December darn well better as I also got most of my Secret Santa present coming in this order...which I may have to overnight to the recipient.

  8. Nice grabs! That Andreychuk Milestones card is sweet! I might have to grab one of those myself. That Taylor Hall is really nice too! I dabbled in the COMC Black Friday goodness, but haven't received my package yet.

  9. I bought 4 Chromebooks for my classroom... and spent a little over $100 on COMC to get free shipping. If I had to pick a highlight, I'd go with a Gwynn autograph I found for under $30. Love those Favres! Can't believe the V2 was so cheap. Those are really cool inserts.

  10. I, of course, love the Pedro Martinez relic card, and you can't go wrong with anything vintage, especially for those prices.

    By the way, I received your holiday package in the mail a little while back. Thanks for taking a look at my want list! Happy (early) Holidays to you.

  11. Great cards. The Charra and the #4 Favre really stand out to me. Good post.